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The Appeal of the Hostel Films

Lots of discussion about Hostel (by which I mean both I and II) seems to center around the films' gore (particularly the accusation that the movies are "torture porn") and the psychology of the films' fans. The latter debate, especially, seems to center on the contention that the fans of Hostel are somehow twisted or warped--that they are desensitized to torture or, worse, get off on seeing people tortured. Hence, people who don't like the films often feel the need to voice moral outrage that the films are both produced and enjoyed. Personally, I find it ridiculous that fans are put into the position of having to defend their character...all because they dared to enjoy a film that someone else did not. (A "someone else" who usually just needs to learn that his/her subjective preferences are just that...subjective!

I am taking the time to offer a rebuttal to all the critics who feel the need to trash these films and attack the films’ fans...instead of simply agreeing to disagree. (WARNING: SPOILERS!!!)





Happy New Years Y'all!

I Am Legend!

I just got back from seeing I Am Legend and damn it's amazing!
If anybody is thinking of seeing it, go before it's out of theaters.  It's well worth it ^_^ 

Long ass survey!

1st Post!

Well...not much for me to say right now. I'm in the middle of a personal war with my LJ at the moment, so if you see any weird posts, just ignore them.