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So after a year of non-stop work, sweat, and blood (albeit fake blood), I finally finished writing my film Fatal. It feels almost unreal. God, I haven't even gone into production yet and I have people talking about it, telling me how much they want to see the movie! I was sitting in my drama class and over heard some kids talking about the movie and how much it freaked them out but at the same time they couldn't put the script down. Then another time a group of friends were just randomly talking when out of nowhere they all shout "turkey carver!" I flipped around and was like "what the fuck?" and they we're all laughing about how sick and twisted they thought the movie sounded.

This week I passed my script around to a few different people and all of them laughed their asses off at it but at the same time they were totally disturbed. My dad read the script and I asked him about it afterward and he just replied with, "It was interesting." It's funny because I really was nervous about showing it to my parents, not knowing how they we're going to react. I know that they knew it was a very dark and very gory film but I just didn't know how they'd react to the extremeness of it.

I got asked how the fuck I was going to pull off an R rating with the MPAA, because they're getting more and more strict. But, I think they've gotten the whole idea with horror movies that it's all fiction. How can you say a movie this is wrong when you've got this war going on in Iraq and this shit is going on every day of the week. Then there's also what the public is looking for. I know that 60% of America loves to bitch about all the sex and violence in these sort of movies but then again there's that other 40%  that really does love the gore and the violence and the nudity and I'm not going to make a watered down piece of shit for the masses.   

Earlier the movie got tagged as gornography by an "expert" in the movie business. For those of you who don't know, gornography is gory porn. So, I asked... wouldn't that make it torture porn? They didn't even have to think about it they just said "It's not torture porn... It's gornography!" And I'm sitting there thinking, what's the difference? Torture porn... Gornography... It's all the same shit. Right?

Apparently not...

My two biggest inspirations for this flick we're the original horror movies of the 70's and 80's. That's a pretty obvious thing, especially when you look at the plot line. My other inspiration was those European horror flicks that stretch beyond words of gore and pure twistedness. Take something like "Ichi the Killer" look at the name, how bad could it be? That was definitely the sickest movie I have ever seen in my life! Everything in the movie all seems irrelevant to the main plot but it all comes together in the massive 2 hours of gore and guts! If you ever get a chance see it!! I highly recommend it, but don't get the American version where everything is cut out. Go find the original cut of it and watch that, I guarantee you will not eat dinner that night.

One thing that bothers me a lot with horror movies these days is, there's no originality anymore. It's all remake after remake. I really would like to know when we're going to be able to come up with something better than so slow walking serial killer who's got an ax. Yeah, those movies are great but time after time? At least make him do something different! Aaaaaaah!! That's what got me into the whole idea of torture. All these have killers who break out their ball-peen hammers and go break someone's head open. The end. I really was thinking... Okay, how the hell do you intensify that? Make a friend watch? Better yet make friend do it? Ya know it's this whole process I guess. Sitting with my notebook and my "antenna to god"(aka, the pen) and going through my kitchen drawers trying to think of how to turn each object into a torture device. 



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Jan. 4th, 2008 08:43 am (UTC)
Inspirational is the one word I can use to describe this. It makes me, a horror movie hater, want to see this movie. And this comment isn't actually about the movie, which I'm sure will be amazing if it involves someones dick ;]], but more about the post. I totally agree with your attempt to make horror movies less cliche and more of a frightful experience. The fact that you also want to intensify the experience of a horror movie and relive the classics also moves me. I really hope that you succeed with this.

And is the mamma's get pissed off tell them to talk to me.
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